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  3. Harry’s P.O.V.

    The windows down. Her messy bun loose. The sadness is thick. I couldn’t focus so I had to have the Florida air come through the car. I looked over at Bristol who was curled up in the passenger seat, asleep. Goosebumps raided her legs. I rolled up all the windows except mine.
    It was 4 in the morning. We were reaching Miami by every mile I sped past. This had better not be horrible news or I’m not sure how I’ll be able to help Bristol…
    As I drove into the city, I had to slow down. Going 90mph isn’t too smart in Miami. Once I got to a red light, I looked at Bristol. I gently rubbed her rosy cheek with the top of my thumb. She slowly shifted in the seat and opened those big, lovely green eyes. Sadness. Worry.

    "Where are we?" She asked, raspy.

    "Town. Did you sleep alright?"

    She nodded.

    "We’re just a few minutes away from the hospital."

    "Will you come in there with me?"

    "Oh, of course." I said softly.

    A honk grabbed my attention. The light was green. Who else is even awake at 4 in the morning? I pressed on the gas and got us the hospital as swiftly as possible.
    Bristol had fallen back asleep so as I got out, I softly opened her door and picked her up like a child. I locked the car manually to keep her sound and walked into the hospital. As soon as the creaky doors opened, she stirred.

    "I can smell it." She sighed.

    "The hospital?"

    She nodded against my shoulder. I rubbed her back and began to go around for the ICU. I prayed every second that things wouldn’t be awful. Maybe they could get closer in the relationship. That’d be great for Bristol…

    "Can I help you, sir?"
    Bristol’s P.O.V.

    "Uh, yeah. I need to see someone in the ICU. Ms. Cartwright." He said, putting me in the sofa across from the front desk.

    The lady stared from Harry to me. Something wasn’t right. Either she was tired from late night hospital walks or something wasn’t settling right within her. She told Harry to hold and walked down the hall.



    My heavy eyes burned as I looked to him from the floor. He neared me and kissed my forehead. As I closed my eyes to indulge in something a little more necessary, it was interrupted by a doctor.

    "Can I speak to you, sir? Alone?" He asked.

    Harry looked at the man.

    "Why can’t I come? What happened?" I asked.

    "Bristol, just wait-"

    "Is she dead?" I choked.

    My hands gripped the sofa’s armrests and the hospital became even more grave. Tears began to stream down my cheek. Both the men stared at me like they’ve never seen someone cry before.

    "Is she dead?!" I asked louder.

    "I’m sorry, but…it was too much for her body…" The doctor said.

    My throat began to swell and my heartbeat flew into my ears. I lost all strength in me and bit my lip. Everything went quiet besides the heartbeat and white noise. Harry picked me up and blood came to my taste buds. I gripped his shirt tight. My body began to shake and I finally let out a heavy cry. Like a baby. All Harry did was hold my head against his shoulder and twist gently to rock me.
    The doctor left with an eerie silence, some sadness following him. I just wanted to give up! I always hoped maybe one day she would get better and we’d start life over again! I thought I could have a mom again. But did I do anything? No!

    "It’s my fault!" I cried loudly.

    "Bullshit, Bristol. Stop that right now." He said into my hair.

    "Just let me go! I’m just nothing…I’m a waste." I sobbed.

    Harry began to walk. Quickly, too. We went outside and to his car. He sat me on the trunk of his Mercedes.

    "You stop that right now. Your mum knew it was bad for the both of you. She knew you hated it." He snapped.

    "Maybe if I hadn’t left, she would still be alive…"

    I became weak and leaned into Harry’s chest. I slumped; tired.

    "No, babe…addicts just want more. Nothing is your fault. Nothing. Absolutely nothing…"

    He shushed me continuously. I didn’t know what to do with myself! I’m a mess. Emotionally. Even more now than I’ve ever been.

    "I can’t remember the last time that I told her that I loved her."

    Harry had only held me tighter. What else could he do? Bring her back from the dead? Certainly not.

    "Let’s get you someplace and I’ll get your medicine. You’ll take that in the morning, alright?" He said against my head.

    I nodded.

    Harry sat me in his car and shut the door. I took a deep breath.

    "I thought things could get better." I whispered.

    Harry looked at me. His curly hair was messy, his eyes tired, and his clothes a little worn. I’m sure I didn’t look nice.

    "They will. It always does. I promise." He said.

    I inhaled and stared at him. A feeling inside me told me to trust him even though he said that just the other night. Like he can help what happens to me, though.

    "Would you like to go see Madeline?" He asked, breaking the silence.

    "If she’s up."

    Harry started his car and got the phone out. Mrs. Beleview was actually awake, concerned about me. Just don’t ask me how I am. I don’t even know. Do I even want to put any effort towards anything? Seeing Madeline sounds nice but she had better not be wide awake. I don’t think I could handle that.
    The city was still asleep but the clock was nearing 6am. At any moment, people would be getting up to go to work or to go about their happy lives. I just sat in a luxury car, living under a luxurious mansion with barely any happiness.
    I found myself getting out of Harry’s Mercedes and seeing the sky was pink. Mrs. Beleview stood at the front of the mansion in her pure silk robe and matching slippers with her hair down and curly.

    "I’m sorry if I woke you." I said.

    "Don’t worry about that, Bristol. I still have another day of vacation to sleep to." She smiled.

    She hugged me tight and led Harry and I inside. I consider Mrs. Beleview a member of my family. Not a mother, though. She’s gone too much. She left up the stairs after offering her house to me to stay in.

    "That’s awfully nice of her." Harry said.

    "It is. I don’t know why-"

    "Bristol?" A voice called from the top of the staircase.

    As my eyes landed on Madeline, they hurt when I smiled. She came down the stairs in her nightgown. I picked her up swiftly and held her like a lifeline.

    "Why are you up so early?" I asked.

    "Momma told me what happened." She said.

    Madeline leaned back off my shoulder and looked at me. We were both tired. She wiped a tear off my cheek. All I could do was just hold her. I couldn’t put my thankfulness into words. Harry, Madeline, and the few people under this mansion’s roof are all I need. It just took a while to realize how much I needed them.

    "I’ll be your momma." She smiled.

    A weary smile came back to me and I began to laugh. Even Harry chuckled a little bit.

    "Oh, Madeline. Let’s get you to bed, okay?" I said softly.

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  6. I find this quite hilarious. They followed me. Haha :)

    I find this quite hilarious. They followed me. Haha :)

  7. Antidote. Chapter 12.

    Antidote. Chapter 12.

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  9. "I really wish these people would listen to me."

    I smiled as I bit into an apple. Ms. Cooper was shouting at the Wheel of Fortune that screened on the tv. I casually walked passed and sat on the chair next to her sofa.

    "Don’t you?" She asked.

    "Yeah. Especially in horror movies."

    She laughed and nodded.

    "Isn’t that the truth…"

    Harry was nowhere to be. He said he had to go run some errands but…where all can you go on these islands? I shrugged it off and laid around the place, chatting with Ms. Cooper. She had a lot to say.
    After our chat of the tv, it had gotten silent. My medicine lack was really getting to me as I shifted and bit my nails every now and then. Even Harry’s absence was a little unnerving…

    "Harry’s your therapist?"

    I was startled by her speaking up.


    Her weary eyes smiled.

    "You’re his favorite client. I didn’t even think much of it because he talks about you as a good friend rather than someone he helps."

    "Oh." I blushed.

    "He likes you, Bristol. A lot."

    My stomach was twisted and bent into many feelings. I became insanely hot in my cheeks and hands. Biting the nails again.

    "I like him a lot, too…" I said into my hand.

    The parentheses in her smile became even more noticeable. Before she could turn off the mute on the tv, the door opened. Harry. I smiled.

    "Do you have a dress?" He asked.

    No hello?

    "Yeah. Why?"
    The waiter sat us on the large restaurant porch that looked over the ocean. Small lights were strung around in the air and the sea could be smelt more than ever. I pressed on my dress as I became more comfortable in the cushioned seat. This was no average bar and grill place to eat. This was luxury. The table was glass and the plates were glass fired colors. Even the waiter wore a pressed shirt with black slacks. Tie, too.

    "What can I get you to drink, miss?"

    "Uh, water. Please."

    "Of course. You, sir?"

    "Water. Thank you."

    He was off. Harry looked at me. We both grew a smile. He rolled up the sleeves of his white button up shirt.

    "This is absolutely gorgeous, Harry." I said.

    "Just like you."

    There was no smile, but a smirk. His eyes were stern and he had said it so gently. I was frozen. All I could do was hold my breath.

    "Just because we’re out at a restaurant while alone on a beach doesn’t mean you can play ‘flirt’." I finally exhaled.

    "You really think I want to play ‘flirt’?" He replied quickly.

    "Here are your waters. Are we ready to order?"

    "No." I said.

    "Okay! I’ll be back shortly, then."

    We were left in silence. I sighed and crossed my legs.

    "You didn’t have to be rude." He chuckled.

    "Can I let you know something?"

    "Anything, babe."

    As he sipped his water, I leaned in close from across the small glass table.

    "Don’t get yourself locked in on me. I’m not the kind to chase after."

    "But I like you."

    "And I like you….but-but I’m not for you. I’m just sad trouble."

    My eyes flashed away from his to my lap. My attitude had flared from anger to slightly saddened. Freaking mood swings.

    "Who are you to tell me who to go after?" He smirked.

    "When it’s me."

    "God, you’re so persistent. Can I kiss you?"

    "Excuse me?" I almost shouted.

    "Please. I’ve been dying to for days…"

    He’s begging. How did we get here?! Those green eyes were focused tightly on my lips just across the table. His large hands were meshed together.

    "Are we ready to order?" The waiter asked.

    "Yes. I’d like the shrimp cocktail." I said, eyeing Harry.

    "Alright and for you, sir?"

    "Stuffed crab."

    Absence. I leaned back in my chair.

    "I’m an uneducated, collegeless nanny with a mom that’s a drug addict and my own mind can’t stand myself." I half-whispered.

    "You’re smart, genius even, for not giving in to the drugs and depression. I’m sure there have been days you wished to not have woken up to."

    I said nothing.

    "You’re titanium, Bristol. I really do like that. I know how you are and it’s not ‘sad trouble’. Do I come across as a douche?"

    I laughed softly and shook my head. A smile on his face.

    "Then let me go after you."

    I was taken back. Never have I ever felt so needed! Even when I wanted away because of fear, someone chased me and said they were there. Him. Harry. His accent pushed me into replaying it and the words were like silk. All I could do was stare at him! Speechless. I had my hand close to my lips as I tried to hide my flattered smirk.
    It was broke by our dinner that we ate quickly. The shrimp was perfect and Harry ate a majority of the shelled crab. We had made small talk but when we left, he had his hand around my waist.

    "Oh wait…didn’t we have to park down the street?" I asked.

    "Yeah…let’s go." He laughed.

    I sighed and began to walk. The moon was out and high. Some people passed here and there but it was mostly a quiet night. My heels didn’t hurt because of them being wedges but Harry asked twice if I was okay to walk some more. We stopped at a crosswalk and waited for the light to shine ‘WALK’.

    "Are you cold?" He asked.

    "No. Just ready to sleep."

    "Me, too. Could you spend another day at the beach tomorrow?"

    The light flashed us to walk. As we took steps out across, I smiled. The beach. As I opened my mouth to speak, I was interrupted. Screeching hoarded my hearing and I was suddenly in Harry’s arm on the other side of the street.

    "Bristol! Are you okay?! Answer me!"

    "Yes! I’m okay!" I snapped.

    Harry let go and I had come out of my blackened state. He walked fast over to the car that had almost hit us and swung the front door open.

    "What the hell was that?! You know red means stop, right?" He yelled.

    "Dude, I’m sorry. I didn’t see-

    "Bullshit. Get your damn eyes checked. Bastard."

    Harry spat on the man’s car and turned back my way swiftly. He ran a hand through his hair with a sigh.

    "I’m sorry. You didn’t hear that. You swear you’re okay?"

    "H…How did you move that fast?" I half-laughed.

    His tall stature looked down at me. Everything became still.

    "Because you were right in front of the car."

    I let out a sigh and wrapped my arms around his torso.

    "Yeah. I’m okay." I answered late.

    "Good. I’d have to kill someone."

    As I began to laugh, his phone rang. We began to walk down the sidewalk as he answered.

    "Madeline? What’s wrong?"

    My heart kicked up. I snatched the phone.

    "It’s Bristol, Madeline. Is everything okay?" I asked shakily.

    "My mom needs to talk to you." She said.

    She shuffled the phone and Ms. Beleview came over the phone.


    "Yes ma’am."

    "…I really do hate the bearer of bad news but your mom’s in the hospital. Apparently she’s had an overdose…"

    I choked and began to cough. Tears formed in my eyes but I just shoved the phone into Harry’s hands. I walked quickly to the car as he finished the conversation.

    "We’ll be there soon. I’m taking her to pack up and we’ll be on our way. Could you text me the hospital information?…thank you."


    He had already started the car.

    "Don’t apologize, Bristol."

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