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  2. The street is dark and it’s so hard to see. I grab ahold of my hair and wish to pull it out. My sweatshirt sleeves are already stained.

    "Where are you going so late?" Madeline asked, my mind giving flashbacks.

    I held my tongue and almost cried in front of her.

    "Just away for a little while. You’ll see me again."

    She nodded and closed her eyes. I kissed her forehead and this is where I am now; a lonely road.
    This is my plan. A sudden plan. Harry can love someone else but I’ll never love myself. I gave him everything! I even trusted him.
    So here I am, screaming and yelling at myself. I won’t care if someone snatched me up. I’ve lost everything. Just take me!

    "Watch where you’re going!" Someone shouted.

    I wiped my teary eyes and found myself in the Miami crowd. Shit. I took a breath as a woman passed by with a look of sympathy. I pulled at my sweater as the city became loud. Traffic hoarded and honked to my side. Harry kissing Melissa was the last straw. I stood on the side of the sidewalk, people thinking I want a taxi. As the light across the street turned green…I took a step. The engine roared and as I took a breath, brakes were applied. I lost all sanity and began to cry. People across the street were talking in muffles as they faced my direction.

    "Bristol?" A voice called out.

    It was clear. Very clear. The car stopped in front of me carried him. Harry. That brightly lit Mercedes almost put me out of my misery. Kill me twice, Styles.

    "Bristol! Listen, babe…" He said, approaching me.

    His hair was a mess and his eyes looked almost as heavy as mine. Now a crowd watched us.

    "Don’t call me that, cheater!" I yelled.

    "It’s not what you think!"

    We stared. When he made his way over to me, I pulled out the handgun from the back of my jeans. People ran. He stayed.

    "Take another step. I dare you." I shook.

    All traffic was stopped. I thought I heard a siren in the distance. Harry stood up straight and stared. He began to wipe his eyes and I saw his lip quiver.

    "I don’t want to loose you, baby…" He said.

    I closed my eyes as the waterworks were heavy.

    "She came onto me I SWEAR to you. I am so in love with you that I want your pain. You don’t deserve any pain, princess…"

    "I just wanna go, Harry…"

    "Don’t. I need you. Madeline needs you, just as much."

    "It hurts, Harry…"

    "I know…I know it does…and I’m sorry. Im so dreadfully sorry. I hurt the person I love the most. Please…stay with me forever. I need you…"

    Everything swirled. His voice echoed. I watched him move towards me with fear. The gun pressed harder into my skin.

    "Baby…come on." He said.

    "You’re too pretty to do that!" Someone shouted.

    Once I took a breath, the gun went off.


    I was still breathing.

    And someone next to me was as well.

    I looked and there Harry was, lifting my hand with the gun in it to the air. I shook violently as our eyes met. Then, I lost it. I sobbed and fell into his arms. He held me so tight I thought this wasn’t him! He’s never held me so tight. People cheered and police lights began to turn off.

    "Please stay. I love you." Harry cried into my hair.

    "Okay. Okay, I’m sorry."

    "No. I am. Just…god, Bristol."

    All strength I had in me was gone. It vanished. My mind was blank and I was in shock. I didn’t know how to think after almost committing suicide but knowing someone cared enough to stop it. I could feel his love. I knew he meant it.
    Harry swooped me up into his arms and I rested my head into his neck as he assured police everything was okay and what his profession is to back everything up. I had eventually fallen asleep but…waking up the next day was the best morning ever.

    "Goodmorning." He smiled.

    Eyes tired, I smiled wide. He kissed my forehead and rubbed my cheek.
    I felt something on my wrists and check to see two band-aids with hearts on them.

    "That’s so cheesy." I said.

    We knew it and laughed.

    "But, sweet." I added.

    "Did you want breakfast in bed? Madeline is up making toast…which reminds me I need to go check on that."

    Harry was up and gone in a flash, leaving me laughing. As I sat up and rubbed my eyes, a small, blue, leather box laid next to my feet. Noise rang throughout the mansion but I focused on only that. I grabbed it and opened it.

    A ring.

    A very, very large ring.

    With a note.

    "As I have mentioned some times, I could spend my life with you. Once last night hit me, I knew if you left I would not be the same and missing you would be the death of me. I can only prove my love to you by this small box. I am so in love with you, Bristol. Xx"

    I covered my mouth. A figure stood in the doorway, smiling against the frame.

    "Will you marry me, darling?" He asked in a hushed voice.

    My excitement was eating me alive. Tears of pure happiness poured down my cheeks.

    "Yes…yes, of course."

  3. NEW/LAST chapter of Antidote is being put up very soon! After that, I will be posting some things about the upcoming story :) Let’s just say it starts in the time period of the 1940’s <3

  4. Nashville was insane! Crazy! I loved it! Couldn’t meet some people because of no signal. Quite disappointed but I’m sure we’ll meet some other time :) updating soon my lovely followers!

  5. I was asked to put a pic up if anybody was looking for me today! If you find me, don&#8217;t be afraid to say hi. I wanna meet as many as y&#8217;all as possible. I&#8217;m wearing this outfit to LP field :)

    I was asked to put a pic up if anybody was looking for me today! If you find me, don’t be afraid to say hi. I wanna meet as many as y’all as possible. I’m wearing this outfit to LP field :)

  6. It’s so strange to be 18 and be surrounded by 10 year olds but…we’re all here for our love of One Direction haha :)

  7. Well, I’m going to Nashville tonight and the WWA concert is tomorrow evening so… I’m not sure yet. I also start full time at my job so I’ll be sure to let y’all know :) sorry I put stuff off so often :/

  8. This coming Tuesday, the 19th, I’m heading back to Nashville to see our boys again :) it’s such a blessing. I’m also meeting one of my closest followers for the first time in person so my feed will be full haha :) I’ll post lots and lots of stuff! Love you all!

  9. Antidote. Chapter 15.

    Antidote. Chapter 15.

  10. “So I made Mister Harry’s lunch. Get up!”

    Madeline pushed on my blanket till I opened my eyes and stared her down. I was up late. He knows, too. It was an episode. My medicine had worked fine all day, it’s just…something was said by Madeline and it put me into an emotional coma. Weeks passed from her death and I thought I was going to be okay! Nope. A word could kill me.

    I rolled over and waved her away. When I checked my phone, I saw a ‘goodmorning’ text with that lovely smiley face text he always does. It healed me a little but only enough to get me out of bed.

    “Can I come with you to drop it off?” she asked.

    Groaning as I slipped out from the warm sheets, Madeline laughed.

    “I guess. But!” I held my finger up.

    She stood up straight and lost all smiles and giggles.

    “You must act like the little lady I know you can be. No running, pointing at people who are different, no shouting, and you gotta listen to me. Is that okay?”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    “Good. I’ll be ready very shortly. Go tell James the plans.”

    She shot off immediately and smiled at me as she turned the corner into the hallway.

    I changed into something comfortable, yet appealing and let my messy bedhead take over my hair. Little makeup was applied. I got my purse on and met the two downstairs. I laid eyes on Madeline’s shoes. Her house slippers?
    “Put your flip flops on. Your feet will get hot!” I laughed.

    “There’s no use. I told her the same thing.” James smiled.

    Rolling my eyes, I grabbed the lunch bag from James and led her into the car.

    “Can I sit upfront?” she asked.

    “Nope! You’re too small and I don’t want something to happen.”

    We got in and drove to the hospital. Every time I come to drop off his lunch, I can’t help but remember our first couple of sessions. Now? I’m just a patient who got better and doesn’t need any more meetings. It’s alright that we’re together now. Of course, the first sight, the first thought of him, the first time seeing him smile, and the way he acted around Melissa. He only wants his eye on me. I love him.

    We came to a stop at the back parking lot and immediately got out.

    “Can I give it to him?” Madeline asked.

    “Sure. Hold my hand.”

    We walked in and followed the signs to the mental section of the building. Psychology.

    “Hey Bristol. Lunch for Harry?” Amy asked from behind the glass window.

    “Do you have a sucker?” Madeline shouted.

    As I gave her a hard look, Amy laughed.

    “Of course. Always for you Miss Madeline.”

    Amy handed her one through the window.

    “Thank you Miss Amy.”

    “Sure thing, kiddo. Harry’s in his office.”

    I thanked her and pulled loud-mouth along with me. She was focusing hard on the sucker that she walked slower.

    “Mister Harry! Open up!” She shouted.

    There’s no use with this kid some days. I love her though. We waited for a bit. I knocked. Finally, it opened…just not to the person I wanted to see.

    “Hey, Bristol.” Melissa smirked.

    I said nothing but let go of Madeline’s small hand. She reapplied lipstick then walked off, making my stomach churn. What the heck? I pushed the door open hard and stared at Harry. There was no controlling the emotions from the scene.

    His tie was loose, shirt wrinkled, hair a mess, and that dreadfully disgusting, bright, pink lipstick on his face. I furrowed my eyebrows and stared him down. He sat against his desk, head hanging low. Once he looked up, all color washed out of his face.

    “Everything will be okay. I promise.” I spat.

    “Bristol, I-“

    What he had said, I had really hung on to! All light I had tried to see was dead. The grave of it on my heart. Tears began to form. He walked towards me but out of rage, every piece of crap I’ve had in my lifetime all came out on him. I slapped my hand across his cheek sending my nerves on fire. Madeline hung onto my leg when I grabbed his lunch.

    “Take this and shove it down your throat! I hate you!” I said.

    I opened the yogurt and threw it, then the whole sandwich split apart. He was covered in his lunch.

    “Bristol, I swear-“

    “You swear, you promise, you say nothing but crap, Harold. Thanks for being some figure to Madeline and I.”

    With that, I swept Madeline into my arms.

    “Why’d you hit him?” She asked, a little scared.

    “He kissed another girl and broke my heart.”

    Tears poured down my face as I passed Amy in the hallway. Everything became another blur. Just make it home. Lock the door. Turn the light off. Break the phone. Just go. Away.


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